IT Transition provides a wide range of services to help Information Technology meet the commercial demands of modern business. For example:
  • Implementation Planning and Management for web and e-commerce

Assistance in the planning, migration or implementation of systems. Particularly:

  • IT platform design including the performance, security and resilience of computer and network infrastructure components;
  • assessment of the impact and suitability of new technology from a business and technological perspective;
  • application migration.
  • skills analysis and assistance with the staff selection process.
  • Application Service Provision (ASP)

ASP is the delivery of applications from an external source, often on a rental rather than purchase basis. We provide advice and consultancy to:

  • software vendors planning to supply their products in this way;
  • application users regarding the transition from in-house to managed systems.
  • Information Technology Audit

The Audit delivers:

  • a detailed description of a company’s hardware and software configuration;
  • an analysis of how well the IT system meets current business needs;
  • recommendations of what should be done to meet future business requirements.
  • Supplier Selection and Procurement

Assistance in the selection process for suppliers of hardware and software to meet organisational requirements, including:

  • preparation of statement of requirements based on business need;
  • evaluation of supplier responses, preparation of shortlist and assistance with final selection;
  • managing relationship with suppliers.

Please contact us for details of these and similar services.