IT Transition provide technical services to assist in the day to day management of Oracle databases. For example:
  • Database Administration

Day to day support of Oracle databases and Oracle database software including:

  • an initial site visit to set up effective procedures and working practices (including an initial Database Health Check);
  • active routine administration performed remotely; regular reports are produced as this is undertaken;
  • telephone support and, if necessary, site visits are available to deal with database problems.
  • Database Health Check

A short, one-off exercise to assess and report on the current state of an Oracle database.

  • Database Performance Analysis

An in-depth review of a database system components is undertaken in response to a specific performance problem.

  • Benchmarking and Best Practices

Measurement of systems under load as part of a capacity planning exercise. The load on different parts of a system can be measured using software to simulate the workload of varying numbers of users and varying volumes of data.

Please contact us for details of these and similar services.