SUE STEFANIK has sixteen years experience in the IT industry working for both hardware and software suppliers. During this time she has worked with a large number of clients, successfully implementing IT solutions in both Private and Public Sector organisations. Sue ensures that her projects are implemented successfully by maximising the contribution of all members of the team.
IT strategy development

Sue’s wide ranging experience enables her to advise business users on appropriate IT solutions to match their changing business needs. Sue raises awareness of when organisations need to consider making technology changes. She is recognised for her ability to challenge established thinking and assumptions. Sue applies her up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging technologies to help businesses develop creative solutions to match their business needs. She is able to present the advantages and pitfalls of different technologies in a format which can be readily understood and acted upon by business strategists.

Brokering strategic alliances

Sue has significant experience of creating partner-to-partner business relationships where multiple interested parties i.e. application providers, hardware suppliers and consultancy providers, come together to identify, develop and market new product offerings. She is skilled in enabling the different partners to draw out the strengths, overlaps and gaps in their respective product offerings, thereby identifying opportunities for successful collaboration.

Managing the transition to new technology

Sue has worked in multi-disciplinary teams, including marketing, sales, technical experts and business users, set up to implement solutions utilising emergent technologies. Recent projects have included developing a managed Internet Application Service. One of her key strengths is her ability to provide a bridge between the technical and business communities, translating between technical jargon and ideas readily understood by business users. Through her facilitation skills she is able to steer projects to practical solutions.

Systems troubleshooting

Sue is skilled in bringing about a resolution to complex problems, particularly where the solution requires co-operation between groups. She quickly brings together the relevant resources and provides a structure within which problems can be analysed and resolved. She ensures that people, processes and systems are considered in the analysis.