DAVID EVANS has twenty five years experience of Software Development and Systems Management. He has worked with private and public sector clients at all organisational levels. His wide ranging skills enable him to deploy Information Technology effectively within organisations.
Matching Business Requirements to Available Technology

David is adept at relating business requirements to software technologies. He is able to discuss business requirements directly with commercial decision makers and match these requirements to software products and techniques by means of research and prototyping. He has recently evaluated competing technologies for Web delivery of legacy software and recommended a set of techniques which have enabled a very large client server product to be successfully migrated to Web deployment at minimal cost.

Managing Change

David has been responsible for identifying and implementing organisational and technical changes in two growing software companies. He created specialist teams for internal support and product installation at Carnell in the 1980’s and was recruited by Cedardata specifically to set up the Technical Support infrastructure necessary for the company’s early growth in the 1990’s. David was responsible for instigating a Source Configuration Management scheme capable of supporting Cedardata’s complex and unique operational requirements for its CFACS software suite; this system is still in use after almost ten years. He was jointly responsible for specifying many of the technical and programming procedures when Cedar Group gained ISO9000 accreditation.

Problem-Solving and Technical Troubleshooting

David is able to bring about the resolution of complex problems and provide guidance in the decision-making process even in areas where he is not expert. He combines his wide knowledge of computer systems with an ability to apply generalised, methodical techniques to problem situations. He involves other people in the problem-solving process, drawing on their specialist knowledge and, at the same time, enabling them to further develop their own problem solving capabilities.

Developing Software

Recently, David has been designing and prototyping internet-based software solutions using web and component technologies; however, he has been developing other software professionally since 1979. He has, at various times, been responsible for analysis, design, specification, implementation and maintenance. Most of his projects have been of a technical nature. The software he has developed includes transaction processing, batch and database systems for mainframes; distributed real-time applications for PC’s; programmer productivity and development tools for VMS, Unix and Microsoft Windows; a messaging protocol for a client/server application and Oracle RDBMS schema management tools.