IT Transition. An experienced, practical approach to the successful implementation of new technology within organisations.
IT Transition specialises in the management of change within Information Technology, particularly when that change involves moving between different technologies or between different suppliers. We concentrate on systems using Unix, Oracle and NT. Over the last two years, most of our projects have been based around Internet technology.

The wide range of skill within IT Transition makes us particularly effective in helping small organisations who need to move to more sophisticated IT implementations. At the same time, the depth of knowledge within the company makes us effective when working with larger organisations who need specialist assistance implementing large projects.

What we do

IT Transition can contribute to each of the Evaluation, Design and Implementation phases of strategic projects:

  • analysis of options and risks for presentation to key decision makers;
  • match business requirements to appropriate technologies;
  • technical proof of concept, prototypes and design;
  • set up partner to partner business relationships;
  • manage the transition from traditional to new technology;
  • technical services to assist in the day to day management of Oracle database systems.
How we do it

We produce effective computer systems by combining:

  • the skill to translate business requirements into practical IT systems;
  • an understanding of current technology capabilities;
  • experience of building robust, industrial-strength software, and
  • our ability to "get things done".

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